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Ceropegia woodii

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Label name: Ceropegia woodii

Chain of Hearts is a robust, trailing succulent that produces thick, fleshy, heart shaped leaves. Light pink-mauve flowers adorn the plant from spring through to autumn. Can be grown indoors or on a patio in a well lit position and is also suitable for hanging baskets where the foliage can flow freely. Keep moist during dry months.

These plants have been selected and grown in W.A. to suit local conditions and for their water wise feature.

WA Grown and Owned

“Handle with CARE. Plants are not suitable for human or animal consumption.”

In season summer
  • Indoors Indirect Light Indoors Indirect Light
  • Hanging Basket Hanging Basket
  • Great for Pots Great for Pots
  • Low Water Requirement Low Water Requirement
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