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Label name: Zygocactus

Zygocactus are spineless, cactus-like plants with flattened, pendulous branches. Pointed buds produced in autumn and winter, open to produce a striking and exotic display of orchid-like blooms. Flower colours range from pink, lavenders and reds through to oranges, yellows and whites. Ideal for hanging baskets or pots, Zygocactus may be grown indoors in a warm, well-lit position or outdoors where they receive some protection from strong winds and direct sun. Plants are best kept moist during the growing season and drier in winter.

These plants have been selected and grown in W.A. to suit local conditions and for their water wise feature.

WA Grown and Owned

Handle with CARE. Plants are not suitable for human or animal consumption.

In season winter
  • Full Sun Full Sun
  • Warm Position Frost Free Warm Position Frost Free
  • Great for Baskets Great for Baskets
  • Low Water Requirement Low Water Requirement
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